Established in Melbourne, Australia -  Assay Matrix Pty Ltd offers large selection of kits and Bio-reagents for Life Science researchers in Australia and New Zealand

Personalized Approach
At Assay Matrix we are a bunch of retired scientists who have been on the bench and have done that.... So we understand how difficult it is to get research funding these days, the challenge involved in sourcing  products from overseas, maintaining the temp sensitivity of the products, the high cost of shipping, stringent Australian customs and so on...
We keep that in mind when you request for a quote from us. 


Our Commitment to the Life Science Researchers
  • Complete suite of assay solution for Biological system analysis.

  • High quality innovative reagents for consistent, reproducible, publication-quality results.

  • Exceptional customer support and responsiveness.

Our product range includes: 

  • Antibodies.

  • ELISA kits.

  • Drug discovery solutions.

  • Reagents for Biological Research.

  • Assay Ready kits for GPCR, Kinases &NHR.

  • Products for Flow Cytometry.

  • Reagents for the analysis of cytokines, growth factors and other soluble proteins.

  • Biochemicals for GC, LCMS & MALDI-TOF.

  • Protein discovery and Analysis.

Our Research area Focus:
  •  Immunology

  •  Cell Biology

  •  Molecular Biology

  •  Cancer Biology

  •  Stem cell biology

  •  Neuroscience

  •  Epigenetics