“I am totally satisfied with the service Bio X Cell has given us. When anyone asks me for CTLA-4 antibodies, I always refer them to you. I look forward to another 20 years.”

- James P. Allison -

(2018 Nobel Prize Corecipient in Physiology or Medicine) 

Bio X Cell - The source for in vivo grade monoclonal antibodies

For more than 20 years, scientists have trusted Bio X Cell as their go-to source for in vivo functional grade antibodies. They take this responsibility to heart and have always focused their efforts on one goal: producing the highest-quality antibodies with the best value possible. The companies unwavering commitment to scientists has inspired them to create and optimize a proprietary in vivo antibody manufacturing method with significant advantages which directly benefit their customers.

The gold standard for in vivo monoclonal antibodies

Products with unparalleled quality manufactured in the U.S: Bio X Cell's industry-leading InVivoMAb and InVivoPlus antibodies are all manufactured in their own facility in the U.S. and never outsourced from another manufacturer.

Extensive library of product citations in peer-reviewed publications: These publications not only provide an unbiased source of antibody validation but also an invaluable source of protocol details for in vivo experiments to help accelerate research findings.

Expert technical support and customer service: Their dedicated support team includes PhD scientists with extensive pre-clinical research experience, who strive to provide well thought out answers to your questions with lightning speed.

Best in industry value and instant product availability: You can count on Bio X Cell to have the critical reagents you need in stock at the moment you need them.

An ever-growing selection of functionally active, blocking, neutralizing and agonistic antibodies: These products cover a wide range of research areas including cancer, immunology, and more.

The Bio X Cell One-Year Shelf-Life Guarantee: Bio X Cell stands by the quality of their products and offer a one-year shelf-life guarantee. In the rare event that an antibody does not perform as indicated on the datasheet, they will provide a replacement or credit without hesitation.

Bio X Cell Products Feature

Exceptional Purity: Their optimized proprietary antibody manufacturing method ensures an ultra-pure antibody solution without added proteins or chemicals. Each lot is QC tested for purity using SDS-PAGE.

Ultra-low Endotoxin Levels: The level of endotoxin is QC tested for each lot. Bio X Cell's InVivoMAb products are at or below 2EU/mg and InVivoPlus products are at or below 1EU/mg. If endotoxin levels below 1EU/mg are required, please simply contact our technical support for details.

Pathogen Free: Each lot of InVivoPlus product is screened for an exhaustive panel of murine pathogens. The results are detailed on product-specific datasheets, to help you adhere to IACUC and Animal Facility requirements.

Advanced Binding Validation: Bio X Cell utilize a library of recombinant proteins and their bioassay expertise to validate that each lot of applicable InVivoPlus antibody binds strongly and specifically to its target antigen.

Low Protein Aggregation: Bio X Cell's proprietary antibody manufacturing method ensures an antibody solution with very low levels of protein aggregation. Additionally, each lot of InVivoPlus product is QC tested for aggregate level and guaranteed to be below 5% of the total protein.

Matching Isotype Control Antibodies: Bio X Cell carries a wide selection of non-binding isotype control antibodies. This takes the guesswork out of finding the correct control for your antibody.